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Park School football team – champions 1956-57

I've forgotten most of the names in the team – I am the goalkeeper in the back row – my twin brother Raymond (full back I think) first left middle row. Troy Sidwell next to my brother are the only ones I remember as we were in the Barnardo’s home in Aberdare, (Glandare House). Would be interested in any response to this picture.


Just seen this picture. I was in that team, Top left next to the goalkeeper. Top right is Brian Doughton, seated left Bev Morris, seated right Brian Hopkins (later I believe taught at the school). Would be interested to meet up with anyone of this team. We were not only champions we were also unbeaten. Teacher on the left I believe is Bon Davies

Hi Keith 

The person next to you is Ronald Jenkins, the teacher on the left is Morgan Phillips the one on the right is Bon Davies.

Ronald and I are on Facebook - Hope this information is of use to you and that you consider joining Facebook so that we can get in contact....

Wynford Thomas