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Photographs of Penywaun

Aberdare Tang Soo Do European Championhsips medallists

children of Aberdare Tang Soo Do, who recently competed in the International Tang Soo Do Federation European Championhsips in Cardiff in July, winning 8 gold, 10 Silver and 11 Bronze medals.

Where the cars were 1

When I built my web-site this was an area where 30+ cars were burnt out.
This area is the otherside of the rail line by the "Old Brick Works"

Where the cars were 2 and 3 are also photos of the same area.
Isn't nature a wonderful thing when left in peace?

The Dare river in full flow

This is the Dare river just by Penywaun.

As you will see the river is in full flow and looking mucky, Just after taking this photograph there was a quick flash of blue and I saw a Kingfisher ( For only the second time in my life ), thus prooving that the water in the Dare is getting cleaner and there are fish in there :)

The Bridge 2

This is as "The Bridge 1" but showing the contrast of light through the bridge

The Bridge 1

This is photo 1 of 2 showing the Bridge spanning the river Dare from the Tram-road to the "Old Brick Works" Lyywdcoed.
As you can see with the weather we have been having the river is far from trickle.

Into the light

I took a walk down to the "tram-road" on the only bright day we have had recently and as I walked through the shade of the canopy of the trees and bushes this was one of the sites that met my eyes.