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Gadlys Secondary Moden School Class 1962

Top row:
1.---- 2.Elizabeth Harries 3.Vivian Clarke 4.Nerys Jones (me) 5-- 6. Sonia Magor
7.Margaret Bowditch (nee Griffiths) 8.Rhosalind ? 9.Miss Morse ?

Second row:
10.Haulwen Davis 11.-- 12.Alice Williams 13.Adele Jones 14.Sheryl Stansfield 15.Kathleen Williams 16.Jennifer Howells 17.Nerys Jones (2) 18.Velinda Rees

Third row:
20.Rose ? 21.Wendy ??? 22. --- 23.Ray Llewellyn 24.--- 25.Ann Baker 26.Meryl Walters 27.--- 28.Brenda Harries 29.Gillian Hodges

Fourth Row:
30.Rhiannon ??? 31.Rosemary Burton 32.Pauline Airey 33.Nesta Jones (nee Davies) 34.Helen ??? 35.? Sexton 36.--- 37.Avril ?


Hi, am posting an old school photo from 1962. Quite a few faces without full names - is there anyone out there who knows them? Be interesting to know what happened to everyone. I still keep in contact with three of the people in this photo even after all these years and many miles apart. I moved to Canada back in 1975 for a couple of years and well, I'm still here! Hope to get some feedback from people on this photo and what happened to everyone.

Where have all the the
School photographs gone to