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Photographs of Aberdare Town Centre

Aberdare Bus Station

The hazard of pigeon droppings

Anti Bird Spikes

Anti Bird Spikes café area Aberdare Bus Station

Yaberdaberdare 2014

Aberdare branch of St John Ambulance are looking for volunteers so if you would like to volunteer you can contact them through their website
The Aberdare group at Yaberdaberdare 2014 said they look forward to new members
Why not e-mail them today and you will be part of the team.

Aberdare Penybryn Street party 1952

Clive Evans (Formerly of 8, Penybryn Street.)

Photograph taken in the yard at the back of Davies' Bakery and shows the Penybryn Street party to commemorate the Queen's Coronation in 1952.

St Johns Church, April 2010 by Gerwyn Jones

Photo taken, early easter sunday morning By gerwyn jones. April 2010

Telphone Box outside the Bingo Hall

One of the moder yet retro telephone boxes in Aberdare. This one is outside the Bingo Hall.

Aberdare Constitutional Club

One of the two most recognisable buildings in Aberdare town center, the other being St Elvans church.

A view of Aberdare from the Ynys bridge

Looking at Aberdare town center and the majestic St Elvans church from the Ynys bridge