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Photographs of Aberaman

New public footpath

Persimmon homes development Coed Duffryn Aberaman installed a footpath unsuitable for wheelchair users

Coed Duffryn

Concerned residents watch as workmen construct bund to protect Coed Dyffryn note the sand bags against the door

Photograph by Clive Stanley Williams

Aberaman 21st November 2009

The River Cynon overflowing onto Tirfounder! Where is all the water going now the earth embankment is there?

Footpath Cwmbach to Aberaman 21st November 2009

Construction of large earth embankment to prevent flooding from the River Cynon

Aberaman Primary School - 1949

Back (Keith Walters, Howard bushen, David Pryor, Norman Bowen, Jim Holden, Martin Jones, Sylvia Saunders, Enid Meredith, Paulette Evans) Middle Row (Ann Johnson, Pat Williams, Anita Lucas, Brian Phillips, John Howells?, Winston Samuel, Dawn Evans, Anne Davies Diane?) Front Row (Kenneth Walton, Alan Merrit?, Colin Hughes, Vera Davies, Ann Neal, Elaine Ford, ?, Miss John, Marilyn?, Gillian Jones, Linda Harry, Dorothy?, Colin jones, Jim Davies, Colin Grant)