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They are back!

Anyone noticed that Scramblers and minibikes are making a return to our relatively peaceful valley?
Is FG conducting a guerilla operation from a hidden bunker somewhere? (allegedly)
Whilst walking in the Country Park, the ratepayers are being intimidated once again by the racket these machines make and the destruction they cause.

After so much time and money spent we are now back to where we started.
The riders and the public have been badly let down by false promises of tracks being provided and miscreants being sorted.

BTW where is FG? I sort of miss him.


Yes it seems we are going to have problems once more with Scramblers?? They come down our street - 5 or 6 at a time, and rev up the bikes opposite our house, before crossing the road, to go down to Aberaman Woods. The woods have been ruined by these bikes, and previously by people looking for old bottles!!! Once upon a time, when my two sons were small, you could walk through the woods as it was going dusk. I occasionally walk my dogs through there during daytime, and have to be very careful not to fall into a hole.

There should be a place for these bikes to go, perhaps it would also stop them driving up the main road?

Did they ever go away? A few weeks ago when up Cefnpennar taking photos talking to a lady who I think lived in one of the farms said if you come up hear on a Sunday afternoon there are lodes of motorbikes around she was commenting about the noise they produce at that time all you could hear was the birds well it was early in the morning.
Abercynon another place to find off-road bikes on the main road no tax or insurance as is Perthcelyn in Mountain Ash.

I am definitely seeing more scrambler activity of late. My estate in Cwmbach is quite often used as a rat run by the hideous machines and their moronic drivers.

I mentioned previously about more Scramblers being about, but lately there seems to be one hell of a lot of motorbikes passing through Aberaman. Six to twelve at a time, and some of them are really speeding. I know there's a Bike shop in Aberaman that a lot go to, but getting there they make one awful noise. I'm not against motorbikes, my husband had a motorbike when I met him, and we had some good times with it. But these drivers are going to cause an accident one day, if not amongst themselves, then a bad accident with a child or an elderly person.

the cause of the holes in aberaman woods are young teens on bmx bikes i witnessed them digging them as i passed with my dog a few times.
as for off road motorbikes people need to realise that some people like myself love to go out on my motorbike for a ride in the forests etc.
yes the idiots near houses and streets who are a menace should be dealt with but some off roaders like myself have respect for walkers, horseriders and so on and always stop and let them past and have never had one person complain to me.
i love the countryside as much as most nature lovers but i also like motorbikes.
there was a purge off complaints in cwmaman from so called walkers who claim that bikes are spoling it for them. but bikers have been stopped there now but the only thing thats happened is a lot of paths and track have become overgrown now through lack of use and most are in danger of being lost forever as the bikes that kept the gorse nettles etc down are no more.
im a keen walker and spend a lot of time on the mountains around cwmaman and llanwonno areas so im not just sticking up for motorbiking as ive said earlier i love scenery and nature like alot of other people but i dont see nothing wrong with bikes as long as they are out of the way up the mountain and not causing a nuisance by being on roads and streets and near houses..
i dont like horses and the mess they leave behind them or skateboarders etc but i understand that other people do have diferent interests to me and respect that as long as they respect me.