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Recycling anger over skip arrest.

An environmental campaigner has been arrested for taking four plastic chairs from a recycling centre. Genny Bove, 46, from Wrexham, said the chairs were dumped in a general rubbish skip and were due to go to a landfill site rather than being recycled.

Ms Bove said there was no victim because the chairs were about to be sent to a landfill site, which she said went against the council's own waste policy. She was arrested after the incident and said her DNA and fingerprints were taken. She was interviewed before being released on bail and claimed she had been told she may have to take part in a video identity parade.

it didn't happen on April the first did it, when you consider how much cachu industry is pumping into the air, this is a joke!Or some little jumped up despot justifying his presence.

I see in the papers this week that the latest kickback for users of wheelie bins is that if the dustman cannot move it just by tugging it with two fingers, then it is classed as overloaded. This is now stretching things a bit too far.

If the bin men cannot handle them how the devil do they expect us old age pensioner to move them onto the road side !!!!!!!The info that came with the bins states they will hold 5 black bags of rubbish ,so surely they must have assessed just how much weight the bin men could handle.

Completely insane. This world is Fugazi.