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Who do you think is leading the television debates?

27% (6 votes)
23% (5 votes)
Liberal Democrats
41% (9 votes)
Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales
9% (2 votes)
Total votes: 22


the tv today said the average poll put Nick Clegg ahead please god lets see a change here in our cynon valley

I think that we need the change of the Lib Dems, if not here in the valleys where the vote will inevitably turn in the favour of Labour or Plaid, but we definatly need the change in our country therefore I think we need Lib Dems to win.

100plus years of political stagnation isn't going to end with this election....dammit!

Bit of a rum question really, as Plaid are not included in the main TV debates.

It's very easy for Clegg, he just had to turn up and say they both did it wrong. The Lib Dems' haven't made any mistakes yet because no one has voted for them before!How are the Lib Dems' going to send immigrants to less populated areas and make them stay there? Build huge fences? With guards? Last time I saw a place like that it was called a prison!! Clwyd will get back in because people of Cynon Valley are apathetic and would rather not vote than vote for change.