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Cut Off Date of 4th December for Continuing HNS Health Care

The Welsh Assembly Government gives notice that no further claims for financial compensation arising from eligibility for Continuing NHS Health Care which relate to the period 1st April 1996 to 31st March 2003 will be considered if they are submitted after 4th December 2009. Claims which relate to later periods are unaffected.

Continuing NHS Health Care is a package of care funded solely by the NHS to provide the care which patients need over an extended period as a result of disability, injury or illness, to meet their physical or mental health needs. It is provided following a full assessment where the nature, intensity, complexity or unpredictability of a person's health needs mean that they need to be actively managed by the NHS.

Continuing NHS Health Care may be provided in a range of settings including in a hospital, a hospice, a care home, or in a persons' own home.

Special review panels have operated for some years to advise whether reimbursement is due to people who claim that they were inappropriately denied Continuing NHS Health Care at any point between 1st April 1996 and 31st March 2003.

The Welsh Assembly Government now intends to wind up these arrangements. Individuals or their representatives who believe that they may have been entitled to Continuing NHS Health Care for any period between 1 April 1996 and 31st March 2003 have until 4th December 2009 to submit a claim

Such claims should be submitted to
Hazel Reese,
All Wales, Continuing Care Reviews Manager,
Powys Local Health Board,
Room 9
Monnow Ward Bronllys

Contact details: e-mail

This change does not affect entitlement to continuing NHS health care if the period in question starts later than, or extends beyond, 1 April 2003. In these cases claims should be made to the Local Health Board for the area in which the individual resides.