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What would you like to happen to Aberdare and Mountain Ash hospitals when the new hospital opens?

Demolish existing buildings and build houses on the site
5% (2 votes)
Keep some of the newer buildings and demolish the main hospital as we have an aging population
30% (13 votes)
Keep all the existing buildings as they are and find another use for them
44% (19 votes)
Build another supermarket on the site
5% (2 votes)
Use the site for a school
16% (7 votes)
Total votes: 43


With the impending merger of Aberdare Girls, Aberdare High and Blaengwawr Schools the Hospital grounds would offer a safe and pleasant environment for the Schoolchildren of the Upper Cynon Valley.

I would like the original Aberdare Hospital facade preserved and rebuilt in the National Museum of Welsh Life at St Fagan's, much as they have done with the old Blackwood Institute. There is no old hospital at all in St Fagans, it would I'm sure prove of interest to many people.

These are good, solid old buildings - full of character and history - and set in lovely surroundings. They are far too valuable to the heritage of the valley to lose.
A lack of effort or interest resulted in the valley losing Duffryn House (the old Mountain Ash Grammar School) and many other valuable, and historically important, buildings throughout Aberdare and Mountain Ash. The valley is a far sadder place for their loss and now presents a run down, care worn, unloved face to the wider world.
Oh for the days of the old Urban District Councils and elected representatives who actually cared about the towns - it seems that the only thing that interests the new breed of 'elected representatives' is how much they can claim and how much they can sell off the Valley's history for.
The Mountain Ash Hospital building would make a fine local Museum and Community Resource incorporating Amateur Dramatic Theatre and possible even a Cinema - I can remember when Mountain Ash had 3 cinemas and a lot more going for it than it has now.
Similarly, Aberdare Hospital - a building that holds a special place in my heart, I worked there for several years in the late 70s and 80s, could be put to really good use for the community as a whole; how about resiting and expanding the Aberdare Museum as a starter??.
Sadly, it seems that only people from 'outside the box' have any sort of clear view.