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Vote Labour if You Dare

Rhondda Cynon Taf - This is the big target council for Labour and likely to be the bitterest fight. For Welsh Labour, Plaid Cymru running the council in its heartland is very painful. Plaid will play up that it has won many UK-wide awards for its running of the authority. BBC

What is Labour doing in Cynon?

Closing Post offices

Allowing developers to build anywhere there is an open space back gardens and green area.

Allowing Thousands of houses to be built in and around Cynon Valley with no major road improvements.

Allowing a £64 million hospital to be constructed on a floodplain in Mountain Ash.

Allowing pollution to remain in Abercwmboi not interested in cleaning up the former Phurnacite Works completely the works closed over 17 years ago.

Allowing no major investment into Cynon Valley.

Allowing fuel prices to rise knowing the majority of residents in Cynon Valley have to travel out of the valley to work.

Allowing public transport to deteriorate.

Allowing thousands of pounds to be wasted on major refurbishments to the old Aberdare station just to let the public look at an empty building getting vandalised to the point of demolition.

Vote Labour on May 1st  you know it makes sense