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A simple message to you Lewis. Good luck in getting any sense and I hope to can find the information you have requested.

Hi Onevoice

I haven’t requested any information from them I found the information on the web thought it may interest some people.

Penywaun has now been recognised as one of the poorest areas in Wales, therfore one of the poorest in the country.

Penywaun youth poverty is the highest in the country.

Penywaun is low on achivement.

Penywaun is high on crime.

Penywaun has a low marital status.

Penywaun has a high teenage pregnacy rate.

Penywaun has low standards of education.

Penywaun has a high number of youth annoyance.

Penywaun is full of life and thats why I love being here.

You could replace the word Penywaun with most any town name in the country but as Penywaun is being mentioned in the papers and on the news, Penywaun it is.

The thing is about the comments above is people blame education, police, goverment or anyone else they can think of rather than take a long hard look at themselves.
The goverment can throw money at Penywaun but things will not improve unless the people of Penywaun face up to themselves and help with the improvment of Penywaun.
The schools are not to blame for low standards, parents are not helping.
Police are not to blame for the crime in the area Penyawun people are.

While I accept that there are good and bad in every group of people Penywaun people can help by accepting that it is thier mothers/fathers/sons/daughters that are putting Penywaun on the low rung of the ladder and it is up to them ( I ) to help improve thier own situation.

There is a saying that " You don't get delinquent children, You get delinquent Parents.


I agree with you Cymro , there is not a lot of disapline from parents now days.