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Local Councillors send Hirwaun Common Wind Farm to Cardiff for Decision

Pennant Walters has submitted a planning application to Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council for a wind farm on an area covering Mynydd y Gynon and Mynydd Bwllfa to the south of Hirwaun.

Application No. 06/1415 - Erection of 12 wind turbines together with ancillary infrastructure, Land South Of A465 Hirwaun, (Hirwaun Common, Mynydd Bwllfa, Mynydd Cefn Y Gyngon)

I see our councillors development control committee on the
1 April 2008 recommended refusal of the above planning application; the decision will now go to the Assembly at Cardiff bay. I expect our AM Christine Chapman will protest about the development but the Welsh Assembly government will pass the application. 

In years to come we'll be held to ridicule, just like the ones who thought the world was flat were,and as the insanity of the PC Brigade is starting to be. A laughing stock ! Yes, we want to save the enviro'but these monstrocities are not the answer surely? They are being seized upon by companies who just want to make a few bob again.
We haven't got a lot in Wales by way of attracting visitors except our beautifull coastline and countryside. Yet the rape of the fair country is to happen again, ruining the landscape by raising these bloody awfull things all over. I want to see Surrey,Kent, Sussex, East Anglia the Fens etc; flooded with them first . If we're saving the planet by these actions,then i ask ,"WHY BOTHER!!?" For what? , to make it more like an Orwellian place to live.? . I dont know which fills me with more foreboding!