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Rhondda Cynon Taf council’s sell-off of the old Hirwaun Nursery School site

I question if this labour run council know exactly what they are doing the Hirwaun site was owned by the council, so why sell it off to a private developer for housing. 

Again the local councillor would seem to be out of touch with what his authority selling and at what price.  “I am disappointed they didn’t buy the school site. I found it unbelievable when they decided they were not going to pay the full valuation. They knew the local authority could sell it to them under that price but they weren’t prepared to compromise.” 

At the end of the day it is us the ratepayers who have to foot the bill in any land deal, what’s the difference between the health authority and the police authority. Why did the local authority sell off a prime site for private development? Is it Tesco all over again?  “They offered £175,000 below the valuation, which was ludicrous, a non-starter.” So what was the price of the school site anyone know? 

If the local authorities have to get the best price for every plot of land they own I do believe they sold the old courthouse in Mountain Ash for £1 to the police authority. Therefore the logic would be to sell the old Hirwaun Nursery School site for a £1 to the health authority what’s the difference they all serve the community.

Rhodri faces grilling over site sell-off

Plaid AM Chris Franks said the sale to the highest bidder was “short-sighted” and claimed financial consideration was put ahead of the interests of the people of Hirwaun,