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Ann Clwyd MP Records Show Iraq More Interesting than Cynon Valley

Where are the loyalties of our MP? are they in Cynon Valley? After all Cynon Valley is the constituency that she is paid to represent, so why is she spending more time asking questions about Iraq?   Results 1-20 of 42 items containing the words 'cynon' and 'valley' by Ann

Clwyd   Results 1-20 of 76 items containing the word 'iraq' by Ann

Clwyd  Who is our MP working for?

I,m sure she has a web site either through her Party or the House of Commons where she could be written to -most MPs do. Any dissatisfied voters should e mail her and tell her so.

You can write a letter to Ann Clwyd but don’t expect a reply

Our MP has an e-mail address

If you want to know more about where your money is being wasted have a look at the link not a lot about Cynon Valley but plenty about foreign parts.