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Rhondda Cynon Taf Keep Top Council Jobs in the Family

Once again this Labour run authority shows two fingers up to the ratepayers and ignores basic rules when employing senior staff, nothing changes its jobs for the boys irrespective if it’s the best person for the job.

This authority in the past has said they have to pay out large salaries to attract the best; it makes nonsense when its jobs for the boys and use friends and family with a salary estimated around £60,000. 

The report prepared by Christian Hanagan head of strategy is it worth the £60,000 salary? A media plan for use during an emergency; someone should have told him there are a few telephone numbers missing.      

I would add his responsibilities include managing the council’s press office, at bottom of the press report it says

“Mr. Hanagan was unavailable for comment.”

It would seem he is not doing his job to the best of his ability in his roll as managing the council’s press office, or is he as this authority keeps us in the dark most of the time.