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Is the Aberaman Councillor Cherry Picking a £24,000 Road Repair before the May Elections?

Anyone driving around Rhondda Cynon Taf has had been confronted with large potholes on major and primary roads throughout the county borough. 

The Council’s latest road improvement projects are continuing to spread throughout the county borough an estimated £500K is being spent, Aberaman Bridge to Gasworks Road £60,000, High Street Hirwaun £45,000, B4275 Gadlys to Cwmdare phase one £85,000 and A4059 at Penderyn £60,000. 

I can understand the local authority spending on roads that are well used, but to spend £24,000 in Holford Street Aberaman you have to ask the question why and what is the motive? 

Let’s not forget the local elections in May it would seem the local councillor hasn’t, is he buying local votes? He lives in the adjoining street. 

So think on, next time you curse and shout at the state of our roads ask the question, do local councillors think of themselves or what actually requires attention, I think it is called prioritising not a word in  councillors vocabulary. ,-3.432353&spn=0.001237,0.004989&t=h&z=18&iwloc=addr

Does seem a little fishy !!!
There are many roads in the Aberdare area that are in a far worse state than Holford Street.

Maybe he doesn't have to drive these roads on a daily basis. The worst road that i used to have to drive was the main one to cwmaman when i used to live there, and what did the council do put speed humps in. lol it was a case of dodge the potholes and then drive straight over the speed humps because most cars could fit over the top of them as they were to narrow. The potholes slowed the traffic down more than the speed humps.

Goes on all over the world doesn't it, buying votes at election time. Same here in Edmonton - simple solution - don't vote for him/her. We have our Provincial election here on Monday, everyone is going to do this, that and the other for us - once they get in - never happens! Saddest part of all of this though is the number of people who don't even intend to vote! I work with a group of around 20/30 people and out of that number only 6 have said they intend to vote - I just don't get it. People in numbers have power to make decisions but no one seems to care, I just find it very sad personally that people are so apathetic about it all. I know politicians are all the same once they get into power but ...., oh well such is the way of life I suppose. Talking about potholes - you should see the ones we have here after our brutal winters - I've seen cars disappear! LOL - well maybe not that bad, but gawd some of them are HUGE.