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Has the One Stop Stores Lewis Street Aberaman failed to obtain or comply with planning permission?

An Application has been applied for at RCTC for retrospective permission this means after the all the work has been completed I assume without authorization from RCTC Development Control and approval from the development Control Committee.

The proposal: Retrospective permission for the installation of new external air-conditioning units at the rear of the premise. Installation of a ATM to the front elevation. Installation of a new side access door.

The decisive issue for the local planning authority should be whether the breach would unacceptably affect public amenity or the existing use of land and buildings meriting protection in the public interest.

We are talking about RCTC and irrespective of public opinion planning will be approved like all large companies they care nothing for local residents only money.

It seems you can do what you like in RCT and nothing is done about it, we assume this application has something to do with local residents informing AberdareOnline about storage baskets left on the highway. That problem for local residents has been sorted we believe.

am i right in thinking one stop is a trading name for TESCO PLC?

that would explain with their reputaion for side stepping planning

Yes you are right about Tesco RCTC Planning Department let them do what they want when they want but you try it