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Is this the democracy of the new leader Andrew Morgan in action?

I understand from your response below that your officers do not intend answering simple questions and all your reference numbers you provided are amount to a pack of lies when you keep on saying officers will respond knowing full well they wont.

Is this the democracy of the new leader Andrew Morgan in action?

Your complaints system is like your customer service department not worth the paper it is written on.

As far as responding within 20 days please will you ask Steve Merritt Chief Executive Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council and Mr.P.J.Lucas Monitoring Officer Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council when I can have a copy of the report I requested on the 28th July for a property in Pontypridd they are fully aware of what I have requested.

RCTC response to:


I refer to your recent Complaint received at our offices on 11/09/2014, submitted via the Council's Feedback Scheme.

Your Complaint has been passed to the Council's Corporate Services Department for attention. We reply to Stage 1 complaints within 10 working days and to Stage 2 complaints within 20 working days.

Should you wish to contact us further please telephone 01443 425001 or email

Yours sincerely

Customer Services

RCT Council say Have Your Say

"This survey will allow engagement with people within the communities who want a different avenue to express their concerns and issues that is not in a Forum or public setting."

But don't expect any answers

Democracy is just a word now not a form of government any more because politicians themselves are destroying it at every turn.

Here in Australia it is Compulsory to vote in federal elections or you will get fined and to my way of thinking that is not democratic.

It may be desirable to vote but it shouldn't be compulsory in a democracy.

That so called bastion of democracy " America " is certainly not democratic, If you think it is try voting communism there and see what happens. whether you agree with the ideology or not it shouldn't be banned if you call yourself democratic.

There is too much corruption in politics everywhere nowadays for democracy to work and that applies to all areas of government right down to local councils.

So if you think you have a democratic right to anything you must be living in the past, A long long way in the past.

We just had a fine example recently of how democratic people are in Scotland's referendum where people who advertised in their windows that they were voting "NO" were having their windows smashed by the "YES" brigade. Now that was democratic wasn't it ?