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Residents want answers PACT meeting planned for the 6th August Aberdare RFC

PCSO Bernadette Mahoney your e-mail address is not working

Looking at you website I see there is a PACT meeting planned for the 6th August Aberdare RFC no time given on your webpage.

Local residents have shown concerns on a number of issues for you and local councillors to provide answers.

We have had a response 17/7/14 from Robin Greenslade Transport Officer Telephone: 01443 494874

“Thank you from bringing this problem to the Integrated Transport Unit, who are responsible for the bus station in Aberdare. We now realise the problem is greater than just near the cafe area. I have asked for a quote from our contractor who initially did the anti pigeon spikes, to clean up the mess and put spikes throughout the bus station. I hope to get this after the weekend and with issue a works order shortly after.”

We have e- mailed Robin Greenslade again but no response something for local councillors to chase up.

Right Of Way From Violet Street Aberaman North To The Old Aberdare Canal Head

We had a response from Stacey Delbridge 11/6/14

Thank you for your email, we are aware of the issue and are taking steps to try and resolve it. Unfortunately this is not a straightforward issue, we have taken advice from our drainage engineers and invested in some new pumps for the pumping system. These pumps are on order and we hope to receive and install them within 6-8 weeks.
Regards, Stacey

We have again e-mailed Stacey Delbridge for an update but no response; local residents were concerned about the Canal Head silting up and a number of other points.

RCT Council Aberdare Roundabout On A4095 Requires Road Markings?

We think this needs to be looked at we have requested RCTC to provide answers but no response.

Pollution In The River Cynon

Below e-mail sent to Natural Resources Wales you and the local councillors can also chase this up, I don’t think anyone wants the River Cynon to flood again over the Ynys.

Had a meeting with Mr Tracy Plant Asset Retrieval Manager Trolleywise on the 21st July who informed us that his company retrieved almost 100 trolleys from a small section of the River Cynon at Aberaman.

It is clear the large supermarkets in Cynon Valley do not take pollution and abandon trolleys seriously by the volume of trolleys in watercourses and sounding area.
There is extensive legislation in place to prevent dumping of trolleys, as you are aware

You said in your last e-mail

“I will be writing to the head offices of both Asda and Tesco regarding this issue in order to clarify their procedures for the removal of shopping trolleys. I will be seeking definitive contact details from them in order to report discarded trolleys so that I can get the trolleys you have identified removed.”

We at AberdareOnline have perused this ongoing problem this copy of e-mail from we had from Tracy Plant Asset Retrieval Manager Trolleywise:

Please see for reporting trolleys on line

Free phone no is 0800-3161241

Or download our Trolleywise app, which you can find in the App Store
Tracy Plant Asset Retrieval Manager Trolleywise said:

Our contracts at the moment are with
Home Bargains

Tracy Plant said Trolleywise were going to retrieve trolleys from the river Cynon from Aberaman to Aberdare, we do not know if this has been achieved.

Saturday 2nd August there were more trolleys dumped in the River Cynon at Aberaman photograph taken, unless you as a government body start implementing the legislation the danger of the River Cynon flooding is inevitable.

A Petition To Save Aberdare Sauna

We understand Councillor Steven Bradwick is aware of the problems with the Sauna an update would informative.

Aberdare East PACT meeting is at Aberdare RFC Wednesday 6th August at 5:30pm, hope that helps x

Yes PACT meeting is tonight 1730 downstairs lounge at rugby club

Simon Gardner
Maesydre neighbourhood watch Chair