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Aberaman north

As the son of former Aberaman north councillor anthony christopher it was lovely to see labour regaining the seat in today's by election.
But was amazed by the reaction of the local independent candidate who walked out prior to the election results being announced. Also to say to another candidate that (if it wasn't for you I would have won!!) I find appalling.
Never mind what goes around comes around!!!!

We'll done to the winning candidate and those that lost - even if the one didn't apparently hang the count

As it has often been said on this site before, people in the valley would vote for a donkey if it were Labour.
However, last night`s result proved that the voters obviously preferred a donkey to a jackass!

If you will eavesdrop on private conversations of two candidates after the results were known having a bit of banter between them why not tell everyone the another quote that was said ‘I feel sorry for the person that wins”

Aroundtown I was genuinely disappointed you didn’t introduce yourself to us last night at the election count, but you were concentrating on the count.
There were more councillors at the count last night than I have seen in some meetings in Clydach-Vale.

Andrew didn’t have the backing of a large political party but he managed to come second and don’t forget he and myself have been trying to help the community for the last 14 years.

As for “local independent candidate who walked out prior to the election results being announced.” we were unaware you had to stay until the end, we thought it was like a council meeting in Clydach-Vale where councillors hang about for 10/20 minutes and just walk out before meetings finish but that’s acceptable is it?

The count was over we left simple.

Hi William
Below part of one of you posts a number of years back you were referring to me at the time.

“Yes, I am unashamedly a Labour supporter and don`t mind admitting it. If you are so anti-Labour why don`t you come out and admit where your loyalties lie?”

Were you at the count last night?

Looking at your old postings you will be happy to see the Ann Clwyd retaining her seat in Cynon Valley.

Firstly can I begin by saying if you are going to quote someone you should probably write it as it was said and not an improvisation.

Andrew Thomas, Independent Candidate for Aberaman North said: "If only you hadn't stood, perhaps I would have won...", in response to Plaid candidate Julie William's saying "The've got in again, then!"

There you go!

So, I found last night very interesting there were more red rosettes on show than at the Royal Welsh Show this week. If i'm honest I couldn't believe the number of people. I truly wish the voters in Rhondda Cynon Taff could have seen the enthusiasm, concentration and care that Labour had when the votes were being counted. Its a shame that this much attention isn't given to the people who actually ask them for help.

What I didn't understand was elected councillors reactions to papers that had been 'clearly marked' by the voters to say they did not wish to vote, which was followed by Councilor Forey saying "Why bother then...", well councillor its probably because its their right to voice opinion and writing something down certainly got a better impact than leaving it blank.

Anyhow that's by the by and what goes around comes around after all, either way I was pretty pleased with the number of votes that people gave me. Honoured in fact, and it goes some way to show that there are a large number of residents that want to see change in Aberaman.

In regard to walking out, my family and I left because we knew the result, there was no reason for us to stand in a room with people I quite frankly don't have time for.

Far, far too much personal comments and politics for my liking. First and foremost is service.

At the election count?

I was no where near pontypridd elections offices Thursday night as u was actually having a Chinese in Merthyr

As for my post on here I actually said we done to all that stood