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Local Residents in Cobden Street Aberaman infuriated by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council demand

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council has told residents in Cobden Street, Aberaman to place recycling bags etc at the front of their property.

Local people are extremely angry at this demand by Labour controlled RCTC as they have a rear lane that one resident told me yesterday has had large ready-mix concrete lorry’s down it RCTC has no valid reason to demand our recycling in not picket up in the large rear access lane.

This seems to be the consensus from speaking to a number of local residents in many areas of Aberaman that RCTC are dictating what they want and not consulting local people first.

Still no response from Steven Gammon Streetcare Cleansing & Enforcement Manager on other points.

Perhaps Steve should look at his application document for a job in his department

“Good communication and interpersonal skills.”

“Communicating Effectively Communicates clearly and concisely”

That’s what you ask of job applicants to your department Steve or perhaps it doesn’t apply to managers at RCTC

RCTC Customer services please can you ask relevant department to explain why Rear Lane collection service has been stopped for recycling?