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A petition to Save Aberdare Sauna

Today we were informed that the Sauna and Steam Room at Aberdare Swimming pool that is not reopening, the facilities have been there for public use for many years.

We have been informed that Sauna and Steam Room were one of the facilities in the pool complex that was PAYING ITS WAY.

You have got to ask the question why if it is not losing money why are RCTC closing it?

The refurbishment of the pool is costing you local ratepayer’s thousands of pounds but ratepayer’s who are regular users of the facilities will be denied the use of something they have had for years

Aberdare Sauna’s Facebook page says

“Labour Council are spending £80'000 on new diving boards at Aberdare Swimming cannot dive unless you are a club member. Guess where over 90% of the clubs come from.....Cardiff and Newport Diving Clubs. Nothing for those who Live Pay and Die in ABERDARE. Ask your local Councillor to resign!!!”

Aberdare Sauna’s Facebook page says

“£1.8 Million pounds offered to Labour Council to keep Aberdare Health Suite open but our Labour Councillor, Mike Forey, does not feel that it would benefit Aberdare!!”
This would be the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Services who claims to be the old peoples champion of RCTC amongst other things. (keep believing it councillor Forey)

We have been informed that Leader of RCTC Andrew Morgan is now responsible for the future of the Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi, we say if was making money why close it?
Apparently everyone who used Sauna, Steam Room, and Jacuzzi irrespective of age unlike other areas of the swimming pool had to pay. So why close it RCTC?

Below is from a petition to Save Aberdare Sauna
Save Aberdare Sauna

RCT County Borough Council propose to close Aberdare Oasis Health Suite. The suite comprises of a small Gym, Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi and rest room.

The council propose to turn this small suite in to a larger Gym by doing away with its current facilities and utilising the current snooker room, thus removing this facility also. The Oasis Health Suite is used by a cross section of people who frequent the facilities from different valleys as well as from Cardiff.

Many older people who enjoy the health benefits of this small, but unique Oasis, use this Health Suite. Many of its patrons are ex-miners, Phurnacite workers and heavy industry workers who helped create and sustain this facility for many decades that have now succumbed to many conditions such as, bronchial diseases arthritis, skin disorders, and circulation problems etc. These health problems are eased and improved by using the Sauna, Steam Room, and Jacuzzi. The benefits are medically proven to enhance health and wellbeing.

There are more than 10 public Gym in operation between Mountain Ash and Hirwaun; there is no need to make a bigger gym at the expense of this vital part of health and wellbeing for the people of RCT. This Petition asks that the RCTCBC reconsider its decision to close the Aberdare Oasis Health Suite by reason that the current benefits to its constituent outweigh any reason for its closure.

Oasis Health Suite campaigners fight to save their facility

who runs RCT public , councillors or officers?

I think it is latter the officer lie and deceive to get their way

Simon Gardner

what happened to the meeting and promised consultation the officers have had their way through lies how many ex miners with chest complaints will suffer & die due to this negligent decision,

I hope you can all live with your actions

Simon Gardner