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No response from Persimmon Homes

No response from Persimmon Homes, little point requesting on your Twitter account for contact details if you don’t respond when they are given.

No wonder Persimmon Homes has been highlighted on BBC Watchdog, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council when will you resolve the problem of the public footpath you are aware it is in the conditions for development for Coed Duffryn?

The problem only exists because you gave large company consent for the development of Coed Duffryn on the Aberaman floodplain and Persimmon Homes increased ground levels and constructed a bund to protect the Coed Duffryn development from floodwater from the River Cynon.

Evidently there was concerns of the site flooding as the above photograph shows workmen constructing a temporary flood barrier and the concern of locals watching them with sandbags protecting new houses on the Coed Duffryn site.

The question remains when do you intend replacing the tarmac path for local residents of Aberaman?

The first line will suffice. The rest covers ground already covered by previous posts. I'd be more in interested, as hinted, in how it got to be there in the first place for previously stated reasons ha ha