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Local residents concerns over One Stop shop Aberaman North

Following the posting on AberdareOnline with regard to the new One Stop store at 25-28 Lewis Street, Aberaman, Aberdare, CF44 6PY.

The prolonged nuisance since the new occupiers of the store have been reported to Rhondda Cynon Taf Council Labour AM Christen Chapman and Labour Councillor Linda Duvet but nothing has been done to stop the nuisance.

Local residents have asked the question why in a residential area is this shop allowed to trade from

One Stop Aberaman
Monday: 6:00am - 11:00pm
Tuesday: 6:00am - 11:00pm
Wednesday: 6:00am - 11:00pm
Thursday: 6:00am - 11:00pm
Friday: 6:00am - 11:00pm
Saturday: 6:00am - 11:00pm
Sunday: 6:00am - 11:00pm

The previous shop owners on the site opened at 7-30 AM and closed at 7 PM has consent been given by RCTC Development Control for extended One Stop opening hours?

We assumed it was illegal to trade on Sunday from 6:00am - 11:00pm?

An officer from RCTC has met the residents and informed them the parent company has a large legal department.

We have been informed that there is no storage facilities on site and incoming goods are stored on pavement or highway, we cannot confirm if this is correct. But as the above photograph shows this is what is happening as far as rubbish is concerned.

AberdareOnline would ask Rhondda Cynon Taf Council to look seriously at local residents concerns and report back to them they have their details from past correspondence.

The above posting has been forward on to Customer Services at RCTC

First it's much simpler just to say 7 days a week 6am -11pm. The previous owners (who have a family name: Malik - only been there since 1987 anyone local and concerned should know this). Why, once again, are presumptions being made? ASK the Maliks (I did) and speak to the shop manager (Steve). Don't come on here whinging - be proactive!! You CAN confirm what is and is not correct BY ASKING. Simply put they occupy a smaller foot print, shop wise, than the Malik's. Ergo they are NOT a supermarket, as was, but a convenience store (rules of which differ from supermarkets). RCT will have given planning permission (baring in mind it's former use). It may also be that the Malik's chose, as a family run business, not to operate the full legally allowed length of times they could have. Lewis Street is NOT residential (it's 50-50). Finally why, just because it's open that little bit more, does it become a 'nuisance'?

Well said.....

Fact is rants are put on here with little of no facts and often just rubbish and nearly all by the one same person.

People then ask the question why people don't post/comment on the site

So it seems. In fairness I'm also seeing where messages have been sent to said companies and no replies are forthcoming. Which is MORE annoying. I'm a resident and I didn't meet any RCTC officer. The getting said officer to look at comments... In almost every complaint ever (not just these kinds) you're advised to speak to the horses mouth first. So Imran Malik's dad (Salil??) and that manager lol

As you say aroundtown “no facts and often just rubbish” as the above photograph shows I am making it all up there is not two steel trolleys full of rubbish on a public highway.

I did speak to local residents living in Lewis Street who have lived there for over 30 years and they are concerned, where else would I get the information from?

I have told you in the past I don’t make things up only fact you may not like the truth as you are THE TRUE DEFENDER OF THE CYNON VALLEY LABOUR PARTY on AberdareOnline but in the past I think you did say you voted Liberal democrat.

But your postings do not reflect your voting preference and you have an excellent knowledge of the workings of RCTC.

I met AberamanExclubowner yesterday when posting flyers for Aberaman North Election a very nice man had lots of info good to have other views on AberdareOnline let hope he keeps on posting.

Aroundtown I notice you haven’t responded to his post link below? He seems to know what he is talking about; I was extremely interested in my conversation with him yesterday.

As the cardboard is a led in a steel cage my thoughts would be first it's there to be cleated? I Iceland do the exactly the same with their card and it's put outside for collection.

As for your posting rubbish, you slagged off the council about the school uniform but in fact it's a school issue and nothing to do with the council as they have no say in it

You complain the council has t cleared lanes in aberaman but they are not Tarmac and seem to be unadopted lanes so again not council

I see you have an interest in aberaman all of a sudden with many postings about local issues all in the last 2 weeks. I think maybe it's as you have a political agenda ??

As you keep on saying aroundtown I just make it up just like the photograph in the link below “Caegarw After Decades Of Neglect!”

The lanes are not adopted no tarmac but RCTC have cleaned them up are you saying lanes in Aberaman will not get the same treatment as Mountain Ash?

I would look at all posts over a number of years not just the resent ones AberdareOnline has been around for 14 and looking after the interests of local residents, but as you keep on saying I just make things up.

In response to aroundtown

Our interests in the issues of Aberaman are of course more concentrated because I'm standing in the By-election. Walking the streets talking to residents you really get a sense of frustration, because of the feeling of neglect that people have from the powers that be.

It shouldn't be that people feel unfairly treated without a voice, whether that be with Council, Police, Health Board or any other government organisation. If I can make a difference in Aberaman North and Rhondda Cynon Taff then i'm going to try my hardest to do it.

For example, all residents pay council tax and yet the service people get differs from street to street, so after 14 years of helping residents of the Cynon Valley; by providing a platform to bring issues to the attention of those who can make things happen.

Why shouldn't we use the site to make you aware of things that need attention in Aberaman? You're using it for your pro-council antics after all!

NO response should be politically motivated. We're all old enough and wise enough to know how that goes down on forums. Most questions come down to simple things.
1)Are those cages dangerous - no more than a parked car using the shop.
2)Should have space been allocated for waste inside - Yes. But it wasn't. There is an open to the sky area at the back but they have air-con units there. It's probably a fire risk putting waste there.
3)Speak to residents if you must but don't claim it's a residential area - it's mixed use. You buy a house next to a shop... don't complain it's a shop.
4)Ask the horses mouth first. This is what everyone in almost every conflict situation is told to do first. A resident could have told you the family name of the freeholder (it's also on the land registry) and or the shop manager.

I also think the waste is collected daily.

Hi AberamanExclubowner

Just to go through valid points you rise

1)“Are those cages dangerous - no more than a parked car using the shop.”

Cages full of rubbish should not be stored on the public highway especially on a road junction and a section of road that has double yellow lines for a reason not even a car is allowed to park.

2) “Should have space been allocated for waste inside - Yes. But it wasn't. There is an open to the sky area at the back but they have air-con units there. It's probably a fire risk putting waste there.”

Planning officers at Development Control should have insisted there was sufficient area allowed for waste and not allow it to be kept on the highway. As for open area at the back it was up to the architect who was involved with the re-design to come up with the solution for what seems to be a problem for the shop manager.

3) “Speak to residents if you must but don't claim it's a residential area - it's mixed use. You buy a house next to a shop... don't complain it's a shop.”

Good point, the residents in question have lived opposite the shop for over 30 years and there were lots more shops in Lewis Street back then so living next to a shop didn’t come into it. But they have a valid argument over the opening times.

4) “Ask the horses mouth first.”

The people to ask are RCTC they have the legal documentation for shop and what planning agreed at the time for consent to be achieved.

The local residents have tried but get no info and they asked me to look into it for them and that’s what I am doing on their behalf. All RCTC has to do is provide copies of documents that apply to the shop.

I am appreciative of your response its good to see constructive argument and all your points are valid, lets see if RCTC respond

1) Is fatuous at best. I'm an ex-traffic warden (Met Police central london) with 14+ years experience. It's hard to argue that a 18-20 inch wide cage has the same affect as a car. It's not a vehicle in any sense of the word and so double yellow lines (indicating no waiting - not no parking - for longer than the 'working day' (usually defined by what the nearest single yellow time limit is) but typically 'at any time'. They are on the corner because Park Road (formerly Pit Lane) is narrow. Quite simply it's to allow room to let vehicles turn into and out of the street. That still happens so while one might argue the point the cages allow vehicles to turn. There's no traffic offense being committed.
2) Your point about planning is correct. BUT they've made no structural changes. Everything is stud wall. I'm unclear as to what this means planning wise. As described in an earlier reply I've been 'down the back' areas. Both when the Malik's ran the shop and just before it's opened. They have NONE of the quite large storage areas the Malik's had. Indeed I addressed a rumor with Malik senior re the shop size (covered in my explanation of the supermarket hours before).
3) There is, I think, a potential way forward (not using the kerb ha ha). Rather than RCTC per se look at an environmental enforcement officer notice. It might apply of the cage with rubbish is there all day.

The shop owner is committing an offence under the Highways Act 1980 sections 148:
Penalty for depositing things or pitching booths etc. on highway..

If, without lawful authority or excuse—
(a)a person deposits on a made-up carriageway any dung, compost or other material for dressing land, or any rubbish, or .
(b)a person deposits on any highway that consists of or comprises a made-up carriageway any dung, compost or other material for dressing land, or any rubbish, within 15 feet from the centre of that carriageway, or .
(c)a person deposits any thing whatsoever on a highway to the interruption of any user of the highway, or .
(d)a hawker or other itinerant trader pitches a booth, stall or stand, or encamps, on a highway. .
he is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding [F37level 3 on the standard scale].

From the image attached not only is the container in the street but it is also on double yellow lines and very close to the junction of the street. Lewis Street is always full of parked vehicles making it quite difficult for a heavy goods vehicle to turn into the street. You don't want to have to turn into that fairly narrow street to be confronted by a container that a driver has to ask to be removed.

No doubt the shop owner thinks that he is doing the right thing by not putting in front of his premises and causing a potential problem in Lewis Street itself. But to me this looks to causing just as much, if not more of a problem to drivers entering or exiting the side street.

See my last comment. However, the law (as you've stated) doesn't allow for that which is allowed for - that of putting out waste a short time before it's collected. EVERYONE that sets out waste (refuse collection), for example, the night before the bin men come round would be committing an offense technically. I think the fine is around a £100

It's also worth pointing out that the ONLY HGV's likely to use that street are ones delivering to the shop ha ha.

Hi everyone, this little story has brought more posters to the forum, which can only be a good thing.

The gist of the story as I understand it is, metal cardboard units being left outside a store.

1. The photograph, it shows a trolley on double yellow lines, I had a parking ticket in Aberdare a few weeks ago for parking on yellow lines, the fine was paid as it was my fault.
A few days after this I saw the warden that issued the ticket and had a chat with him ( not a rant ) I said to him he was right to ticket me as I was in the wrong, he said to me ' it's nice to find someone that doesn't take his job personally ' as he said anything on double yellow can be booked.

2. The second photo shows a metal trolley being left on a pavement, yet the people of Aberaman and further afield are be told to take their refuse bins though their home because they cause an obstruction on the pavement .

Double standards?

Aroundtown now you have re-found your voice, I asked to a simple question on a thread many weeks ago perhaps now you would care to reply?

Yes good to see a response from gibbsy and onevoice666 if you notice aroundtown is selective with his answers but that’s up to him.

Just to get back to local residents concerns in Lewis Street another local resident e-mailed a few photographs taken this morning in Lewis Street clearly RCTC have not visited the shop, they are aware of local residents concerns.

Customer services Rhondda Cynon Taf Council You have not responded to my e-mail last week with regard to the One Stop Aberaman any reason for this?

That 'warden' is incorrect. For a start he is a PEO (parking enforcement officer) privately employed by a company contracted to the local council (99% are). So not a warden. He will require a registration number, tax disc and wheel valves. None of which are likely on a trolley. We can find examples in nationwide local papers of stupid tickets issued by PEO's (most recently one was issued to portaloos installed by the local council during the tour de france ( reported in the daily mail)). Both myself and another forum member have addressed the likely offense and who can issue the FPN. I also addressed the issue of bins etc on the highway. To coin a phrase 'do keep up' ha ha.

Lewis - you state on here You emailed in on the 18th which was Friday, you now say they didn't answer on the 21st, firstly isn't it something like 15 working days for a response and secondly have you heard of the weekly holiday for some called the weekend lol

They are hardly going to respond in 3 days when 2 of them are the weekend though I find your rants enjoyable

Have you or anyone simply gone and spoke to the shop keeper as has been suggested?

“Have you or anyone simply gone and spoke to the shop keeper as has been suggested?”

No like all residents in Rhondda Cynon Taf I pay a very large amount of money it’s called the Council Tax and RCTC employ a large number of departments and council officers all paid out of council tax to look after the interests of the local residents.

Residents in Lewis Street have reported the problems to RCTC in the past but the nuisance persists with no response from well-paid officers at RCTC.

It would seem you show little interest in the local residents in any of your responses on all posts it is obvious you work for RCTC as you keep insisting all I post is lies and rubbish. Why not tell every one on AberdareOnline who you are and your position at RCTC?

I expect a few have worked it out by now, if you want a meeting with me just let me know had a good meeting this morning with Trolleywise manager who was very informative.

You call my postings rants but local residents are concerned complaints are just ignored that’s why they get exposed on AberdareOnline and you don’t like it sorry about that.

When are you going to answer the question onevoice666 gave you?

Aroundtown now you have re-found your voice, I asked to a simple question on a thread many weeks ago perhaps now you would care to reply?

Residents have NOT reported it in the past. The new shops only been open weeks. You've not followed standard dispute resolution protocol (as suggested). The cages are collected every night (I watched it happen yesterday). There are no cages there today. And the yellow line issue: just move the cages three feet east. I even dealt with the pedantic 'I pay my taxes' as an argument. I pay mine, I'm a resident too. You've had very little quick success with the 'RCT should fix it' approach so why not try the suggested ideas and still help residents?

The only HGV likely to use it are for the shop!!!

If memory serves me then this lane is the widest giving access to Davies Street, The Paddocks and another street who's name escapes me. The other lane is about halfway down Lewis Street.

Now there are a fair number of houses in those streets, plus there used to be a tyre fitting business in Davies Street as well. So there could very well be quite a number of HGVs using the lane as well as a number of long wheeled based Transit type vans.

If those bins are in the same position the driver will have to get out and move them but more likely he will mount the kerb in order to get around, both entering and exiting the lane. A lot of delivery lorries these days are 20 ton and over and double rear wheels constantly going over the kerbs will eventually lead to damage that the rate payers will have to pay for. It could also lead to a situation where a pedestrian, in the driver's blind spot could be put in danger.

Let's not forget that a fire engine is quite a large vehicle and the delay in getting to an incident could be costly.

Like most of the streets in the valley they were built in the mid to late 19th century. More suitable to the horse and cart than to today's modern vehicles. Parts of Mountain Ash, Foundary Town and Aberaman are a nightmare for large vehicles. This is compounded by the ignorance of people parking far too close to a junction or putting out bins such as those in the photograph. The law is quite clear about how close to park to a junction.

I don't live in one of the old streets. There is plenty of off street parking yet there is a visitor to the street that insists on parking almost on a junction. It was there when the refuse collection was due and the wagon had to mount the pavement to get past. This was pure laziness on the part of the driver and had they parked 20 yards further away they would have been completely off the road on hard standing, but heaven forbid they should have to walk a further 20 yards.

My car is to low on the suspension to get up over the kerb and back off without doing damage so I'm forced to stop my car and ask her to move her vehicle. No doubt she thinks I'm a miserable old git. Perhaps I should buy a 4x4 so that I don't have to make it difficult for her.

Bit of an analogy but the bins are causing problems for the residents and should be dealt with. Simples.

What bins? Is anyone actually reading the other replies??

Is the last comment directed at me?

If so I'm replying to the comment about HGVs and the problems with inconsiderate parking and the very obvious problem with the original photograph. I've driven HGVs down the lane and through other streets of the valley.

If the 'bin' 'trolley' call it what you like, causes a problem then what is wrong with the shopkeeper taking the 'bin' out when the vehicle is there to actually collect it. Or is that too easy a solution.

Not just you. I've pointed out there's no room for waste inside and the issue of the yellow lines is resolved by moving them off the lines. It's a few feet. Cages seen as I went to the gym but not on my return. Two new large red waste bins now seen on the kerb. Am I the only actual local??

A response from One Stop on Twitter

One Stop ‏@onestopstores Jul 24
@AberdareOnline @RCTCouncil Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we will liase with our Store & Maintenance Teams re storage options