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RCTC Officer David Afia responsible for Aberaman flood Alleviation scheme

Officer responsible for Aberaman flood Alleviation scheme

Speaking to local residents it would seem you have not responded back to residents that have asked questions on the forms you gave out at your exhibition on 2nd May 2014.

Please can you give a reason for this as we at AberdareOnline have been requested to ask you?

Flood Risk Management Team:

This e-mail will be placed on AberdareOnline and coped to Customer Services

Thanks for your response Dave that information will be useful to local residents who have query’s or concerns as I said to you in exhibition on 2nd May 2014 you will not please everyone and people will be concerned.
An e-mail address for Georgie Dixon would be helpful.

Below the response from RCTC Officer David Afia

I refer to your email to the Council on the 16th July regarding the Aberaman Flood Alleviation Scheme.
“We have carried out an extensive exercise to inform all affected residents of works affecting them, discussed the works with a number of residents and left letters at those that were not available advising them to contact us should they wish to discuss the works further. I believe we have responded to all queries raised within a reasonable timescale but if anyone has further queries I would be grateful if they could contact Georgie Dixon, who is the contractor’s Public Liaison Officer for the works, on 0845 8623123 or alternatively contact me directly.”