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Aberaman North Pact meeting Wednesday 2 June

I attended the Aberaman North Pact meeting there were three at the meeting including PCSO Leanne Lacey the local Labour councillor your representative Linda Devet was not there and I was informed that she had not been in attendance for several preceding meetings.

I informed PCSO Leanne Lacey of some of the concerns of local residents after walking around Aberaman.

The main concern local residents they are frightened of drug addicts I expressed resident’s feelings to the officer Leanne Lacey who said without evidence we cannot act on hearsay.

If you want to contact the PCSO officer direct you can Email:

Another complaint from residents was speeding on Cardiff road in reply the PCSO officer said they were monitoring the situation.

All I can say if you are disturbed with traffic and live on Cardiff Road keep an eye out and see if the police are monitoring and if you don’t see anything go to the next meeting and express your views.

Other points made were the volume of large coaches exiting on to the B4275 Cardiff Road, I don’t know just how many vehicles are allowed on the Gasworks Road site and size of coach allowed on the site within the planning limits. Possibility the coach company has outgrown the existing site I think RCTC planning department should look into this problem and possibly the South Wales Traffic Commissioner.

When I was speaking to a resident a large coach was REVERSING OUT onto the Cardiff Road the B4275 there was a man watching traffic as the coach was reversing but I don’t think it is an expectable practice for large vehicles to reverse out on to the main carriageway.

Another big issue with residents is refuse collections residents are really anxious about RCTC apparently saying rear lane collections will cease and the growing problem of wheelie bins.

RCTC were fully aware valley streets and lanes were not designed for the large vehicles they seem to use and purchase the lanes and streets were built when horse and cart were the only means of transport.

Why should residents drag Wheelie bins through the house when they have a rear lane?
Your Labour councillor should have answered these questions but as I said in the beginning she don’t attend the meetings.

Time for change in Aberaman North its up to you the residents