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RCT Council RED TAPE just to get basic services.

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council in response to your constant Tweeting to local residents who take time to inform you of problems they have or report something they have seen just to be informed to contact another department within RCTC by telephone of e-mail.

You chose to run a Twitter account but you only want to use it one way you promote what is going on in RCT which is a good thing but you show no interest in providing a service for local residents through your Twitter account.

You provide staff to run the account but you find it beyond your staff capability to pass on simple messages even when street is named in complaint and photograph of problem supplied.

Andrew Morgan is on about saving money you say report problems to online services Twitter is an online services that we the residents pay for its about time the department within RCTC started to act on information received not pass the buck to other departments.

If whoever runs your Twitter account department cannot pass on simple messages let customer services run the account and close down one department to save money.

AberdareOnline is not the only one who has informed you, I was under the impression that the local authority was there to serve the public not entwine them in RED TAPE just to get basic services.

Vote for change