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Ed the red Tory is coming to Wales to get the Donkey vote

Ed Miliband’s entire Shadow Cabinet is to meet Carwyn Jones’ Welsh Government Cabinet.
Members of the Shadow Cabinet to find out how things have been done differently and better in Wales, Like longer waiting lists for basic health needs cuts in public services.

Education in Wales is failing Labour may be building new schools but our children are suffering the Welsh Labour Government's appalling record on education.

There is only one reason Ed the red Tory is coming to Wales to get the Donkey vote at the next election.

Didn’t Ed the red say I'll govern like Tory leader Margaret Thatcher?

Yes Red Ed come to RCT and find out how things have been done differently and better in Wales By a Labour controlled council.

How to close libraries
How to cut education services
How to close basic recreation services for kids like paddling pools

This proves my point why people don't post in here anymore

Its just seen as a negative anti everything site

Not many positive things ever posted on here

Aroundtown, I feel silly pointing out the obvious but......if YOU see positive things happening throughout the Cynon Valley, please feel free to post them...just a thought

Aroundtown are you saying Tony Blair and the labour party spent real money in Rhondda Cynon Taf?

He had 10 years to do something for RCT

Labour don’t need to spend in the valleys because as Ed The Red Tory knows the valley people will keep voting for Labour and he needs the valley vote to gain power.

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council can impose as many cut as they like and put up council tax as much as they want and the public will still vote them in.

For more of the same keep voting labour you know it makes sense.

Touche Lewis.

Well aroundtown 5 days later and still no positive points, I have seen you on here a number of times over that period.
Good luck on your quest.

Yes Cymro I do get touché when you see millions being spent in Cardiff and very little being spent in the RCT.

All we hear about is cuts local government and NHS the Labour party in Wales have an excuse blaming conservatives at the moment forgetting the mess Labour left behind.

We have a health minister that says the NHS has improved since devolution, 9 reviews of the Welsh ambulance service and there are still major problems with the service.

A&E services over stretched at Prince Charles Hospital most of the time and then they decide to close the A&E services at the Royal Glamorgan placing more pressure on over stretched services.

The Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil has around 430 beds and The Royal Glamorgan Hospital has around 570 beds, why close the A&E services at the Royal Glamorgan.

To much money squandered on public buildings for the Welsh Assembly more pointless administration means less real money for basic needs for the people of Wales

I agree with you wholeheartedly Lewis. Some years back I was saying that Cardiff Bay had had enough money spent on it and that more or even some should be spent north of Taffs Well as they seemed to have forgotten the valleys from where the wealth came to make Cardiff what it is today.

Labour have had far too good a run in the valleys and have'nt looked after them as they should have, given the loyalty to the party that's been forthcoming from the people there for many many years.

Again as I've posted on here previously, There's only been one road improvement in the Rhondda Fach in 70 years that I know of and that was from Porth to Pontygwaith which is only halfway up the valley anyway, the other half from Pontygwaith to Maerdy was left for another day and it's anyone's guess when that will be and that section is in a terrible condition considering the traffic that uses it.

All the council seem to be doing these days is closing as many amenities as they can and leaving the valleys to stagnate while allowing English councils to re-locate their problem families into the area. Of course I believe the council gets a certain money allocation for each family it accepts and money is what makes RCT sit up and take notice is'nt it.

The Donkey vote as always been strong in the valleys and it's about time the Donkey was put down.