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Reappointment of some of the same old cronies then

(1) The older peoples champion of RCT biggest joke in RCTC

(2) I keep my family in work with £60,000 plus job but he’s a good boy to his mam.

Now they are on about reducing the Development Control Committee from 75 to 18 I can see only one reason for that if it came about.

Andrew Morgan needs to reduce Directors salaries and senior management salaries He needs to have a hard look at jobs that have been given out in RCTC for friends and families.
Councillors are rubbing the public's noses in it and holding up two fingers

So far it looks as if the old boys club is active with the new leader make a bit of noise at the start and then let the old guard carry on as usual.

Well he has cut the number of cabinet

Made then all take a pay cut including 5% for himself

Also cut the mayors payments too I gather

They also turned down the 1% pay rise they were offered

Not a bad start so far

Aroundtown he has made a start and that’s a good but he has a long way to go to gain the trust and respect of the people of Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Don’t forget people remember things like 5 jobs a Labour leader who lost his seat and the obscene salary he was getting.

And now the new leader has appointed Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning: Cllr Eudine Hanagan again, with all the appalling publicity that surrounds her and the Education Department. There was a court case recently that involved her department I don’t think she should be in his cabinet, and there’s the question of her son if the rumours are correct and I don’t know that her son just walked into a £60,000 plus job at the council? If this is correct is this the right way to go about making a clean break from the past by reappointing the same Member for Education?
I think she should resign her post in the best interest of the public; the new leader will never convince the public that change is on the way if he keeps her on.

Another bad appointment the older peoples champion of Rhondda Cynon Taf he could see nothing wrong with the way his department acted in Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council’s Adult Social Services department Case 200901324.

The Ombudsman for Wales’s office upheld the complaint against RCTC , I believe RCTC acted unlawfully, but all department heads remain in place

By reappointing a few it would seem the old boys club is still active and nothing will change unfortunately it is friends and family first Joe public nonexistent.

Did the district auditor look into this?

"The Echo uncovered the row about Christian Hanagan – a council employee given a £60,000 job without an interview. Mr Hanagan’s mother is Labour cabinet member Eudine Hanagan. Labour insists there was nothing wrong with the appointment, saying he was merely given a new title and extra responsibilities when he became head of strategy. But certain questions remain unanswered and the district auditor is investigating"