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How long will Aberdare Paddling Pool remain in Aberdare Park?

Kids paddling pools seem to be a disappearing commodity in Rhondda Cynon Taf I think all Cynon Valley people need to go to Aberdare Park and show the kids before this pool is bulldozed like the one in Pontypridd Park

Don’t forget Labour may say they will keep it open but they tell lies as they did when they said they would keep Ponty Park Paddling Pool open.
A vote for Labour in Rhondda Cynon Taf is a vote for the deceitful party

Just been informed that Aberdare Park Paddling Pool is to close Bulldozers on the way then.

This Labour controlled council has no thought for kids

Keep voting labour you know it makes sense

With all the closures of amenities in RCT there must surely be a plan for a reduction in the Poll Tax in the near future.

Or do the residents just keep Paying More For Less.

People were better off back in the 50s. There was more to do in the valleys back then.