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RCTC discriminating against some tax paying residents

I see Rhondda Cynon Taf Council are discriminating against some tax paying residents intimidation and action a £75 fine if they don’t remove a bin off the pavement.

I know its RCTC and you would think they would act within the law on equality and treat all residents as equal but as I know RCTC don’t.

I can understand if residents who have no side or rear entrance wheelie bins are not the best for getting through the house they are heavy when full, frail and elderly people struggle even with small bins. With the increase in recycling storage is also a problem for some people.

The photograph was taken after the bullying letters threatening action were received from RCTC it shows Curre Street Aberaman I can understand why wheelie bins are left out side there are no side or back entrance, the leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council lives in Curre Street Aberaman.

It would seem RCTC laws and threats don’t apply to every resident for some reason, is it unlawful discrimination, in other words, treating some people worse than others?
The public sector equality duties and the Human Rights Act
Public sector organisations and others who deliver services for them or carry out public functions on their behalf may have to have what the law calls ‘due regard to the need to advance equality of opportunity’ between people.

Below taken from Rhondda Cynon Taf Council website
The Strategic Equality Plan has been developed so that the Council can set out how it aims to meet its commitment to equality and how it will meet its legal obligations contained with the Equality Act 2010.

I think RCTC should retract the threat of £75 fines and treat all who reside in RCT as equal.

as a resident of gwawr st for 15 years i think it is absolutely ludicrous that they want us to take our bins in off the street after all this time .The bins do not stop anyone passing with prams and it is unhygienic to be dragging the bins through the house. I wonder if the the council will give us money back on our pole tax to clean our carpets as no one could lift their bins as they are now being emptied every 2 weeks

Just a bit of common sense is needed here, Is it too much to ask of the RCT council??

To ask people to drag a "RUBBISH BIN" through their homes is 19th. century expectations not 21st century.

It just goes to show how far behind the modern world Wales still is in some areas.

I wonder what RCT's hygiene officer has to say about it or have'nt they got one?

N Wheeler – Service Director, StreetCare

The Service Director, Street Care was queried on the details within the
Exception report relating to the drop in food waste recycling rates. The Officers advised the Committee that in the recent months there had been an
increase in food waste and attributed the previous reported drop in recycling
rates to the difficulties getting replacement food waste bins out to residents.

A committee member further questioned the effectiveness of the warning letters, following 708 letters being issued and only one fixed penalty notice being issued. The Service Director, Street Care advised that limited fixed penalty notices had been issued due to the recent changes in the service and the problems experienced with missed collections. Members of the Committee queried the fixed penalty notices in relation to underage alcohol sales and the fixed fines. The Service Director, Public Health & Protection advised of the 2 potential offences and the varying fines for each offence.

County Borough Councillor G R Davies – in the Chair

County Borough Councillors

S Bradwick (Mrs) L De Vet J Elliott P Howe L Langford
(Mrs) S Pickering S Powderhill (Mrs) A Roberts G Smith (Mrs) M Tegg
R K Turner J Watts M Weaver

Mr G Jones – Group Director, Environmental Services
Mr N Wheeler – Service Director, StreetCare
Mr P Mee – Service Director, Public Health & Protection
Mr N Brinn – Service Director, Highways, Transportation & Strategic
Ms S Davies – Head of Cultural Services
Mr D Batten - Head of Leisure Parks & Countryside
Mr C Lee – Director of Finance
Mr A Wilkins – Corporate & Democratic Services Solicitor
Mr R Jones – Cemeteries Operation Manager
Ms J Parish - Administration Manager and Registrar
Mr C Lewis – Superintendant & Registrar

N Wheeler Service Director, Street Care Rhondda Cynon Taf Council were you bluffing when you threatened some not all local residents in Aberaman with a £75 fine if they didn’t remove their wheelie bins off the pavement and stop leaving out recycling bags until bin day?

Please can you reassure all residents they can leave out their wheelie bins as it saves them damaging carpets door frames and internal and external doors? Older people cannot manoeuvre the bin in and out they are to heavy for most people.

Have you written to some residents in Brook Street or they taking advantage of your good nature?