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Weekly Lists of Planning Applications

Weekly Lists of Planning Applications 

Just wondering why Rhondda Cynon Taf have not published weekly planning applications for February 2008 what have they got to hide? 

Planning matters seem to be a sore point with the public in RCT.

Maybe it's because there's not enough public consultation on what's going on and what's being planned for their communities.

With reference to this, You might like to know that RCT, according to information I have received intend to lodge at the Aberdare Library aproximately 15 boxes of information and "Legal Paperwork" concerning the controversial Tesco planning matter.

These boxes containing the "LEGAL PAPERWORK" will be available for public scrutiny as is your right.

Because there is such an abundance of paper work for scrutiny, Maybe a a working group of interested parties could scrutinise 2 boxes each.

This is your chance to do something constructive in this matter.

If I can take an interest in this, living where I do, I'm sure there must be some of you that will take up this challenge.

It is in your own community's interest.

Enquiries to council should give you the "Dates" these papers will be lodged at Aberdare Library "FOR YOUR SCRUTINY"