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More paper pushers recommended for Welsh Assembly by Silk Commission

The Silk Commission recommends more Assembly members and more staffing at the Assembly.

The Assembly cannot find the money to run a competent Health Service in Wales with cuts and transfers in services. Education is of poorer quality and not improving. We have an outdated highway system and the best they can come up with is a recommendation for more Assembly members you have to ask the question WHY don’t forget Wales was run with the Welsh Office and a lot less people, also they recommend more paper pushers to work at the Assembly again you have to ask the question WHY.

There is little wonder there is no money for public services and basic services are being cut. It would seem there is millions in slush money to spend on bureaucrats and impressive building and furnishings.

It seems people are working and paying tax to support a luxury life style of bureaucrats all on expenses that you are paying for.

I am told only 23% of the people voted to keep the Assembly and 77% have to pay the price for not voting.

Don’t make the same mistake in the forthcoming elections if you are not happy do something about it, don’t moan afterwards use your vote.

The figure of 23% voting attendance is a shocking indication of the apathy of people in the principality towards taking an interest in the way Wales is run.

I know people are fed up with politics and politicians themselves but voting is the only way the man in the street can do anything about how things are run.

It is compulsory to vote in Australia in Federal elections, if you don't vote you get fined, I used to think this was undemocratic and I still do but it's a better situation than having figures like 23% attendance as at least the views of the public are fully represented when everyone has voted.

With 77% of voters not voting (and probably complaining afterwards) you are always going to get the pathetic system that is existing in Wales right now.

You get the government you deserve don't forget so get out there and VOTE or shut up afterwards.