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Total madness in Mountain Ash

Once again no joined up thinking at Rhondda Cynon Council and Welsh Water as Welsh Water is set to invest £375,000 to upgrade the network in the town to maintain a “high-quality, reliable supply of tap water” to community members.

Why was this major project the construction of a new water main thought about when the town had the major regeneration scheme?

Trade suffered in the town and it will suffer again, the local councillor is supposed to be in charge of highways it doesn’t look if he is helping his constituents has he no forward thinking?

The town’s iconic bridge, which is the main gateway on to Oxford Street and Commercial Street, will be out of bounds for six days during the Easter break between 4am on Saturday, April 12, and 6am on Friday, April 18.

So the alternative is either travel to Aberaman or Abercynon on the B2475 as all who use this road it is a bottleneck at peak times.

I know there is no logic at RCTC but has anyone thought of making the journey a little easer? Bronallt Terrace in Abercwmboi is serviced with satisfactory rear lanes this Street is a bottleneck when the A4059 is closed (or in this case Mount Bridge) with additional traffic using the B2475 also John Street Abercwmboi also has rear access on one side for parking vehicles.

The roads through Mountain Ash Town and surrounding streets will look like a patchwork quilt and edges will breakup during bad weather another bill for the ratepayer.
No one cares what happens in the valleys of South Wales.

Just keep paying more council tax and reduced services from this Labour controlled council

Keep voting Labour you know it makes sense.

Having just read the link on walesonline the quote is

Councillor Andrew Morgan, ward member for Mountain Ash West and cabinet member for frontline services, said he is pressing Welsh Water to offer affected businesses compensation.

He also wants them to fund the provision of additional shuttle buses for the Penrhiwceiber and Newtown/Cefnpennar services during the bridge closure.

He said: “I have met twice already with Welsh Water and our highways staff to discuss these major works.

“I’m bitterly disappointed that these works now have to be done, as I’m well aware that when the regeneration works were carried out eight years ago, we pressed Welsh Water to improve the main pipes through the town.

“At that time, lining works were carried out by Welsh Water and we were assured that was all that was needed and the work would last for many years.

"Unfortunately, the lining works are apparently are now failing prematurely.”

If the council and councillor pressed welsh water at the time 8 years ago and welsh water done lining works and that's all they said was needed how is RCT Council or the councillor at fault?

Welsh water maybe should be apologising to the people if mountain ash

I also read the report but that doesn’t alter the fact that traders in Mountain Ash will suffer again also the motorist.

Most water pipe lining has a life span of 30 years or more, a considerable amount more than 9 years you have to start asking questions of Welsh Water who on the face of it have wasted thousands on a project that is braking down after only 9 years.

As everyone knows water rates in Wales are exceptionally high and perhaps the reason for it is bad management subcontracting out work and no inspections carried out by a competent Water Board engineer, I expect the project was self-policing and that’s why Welsh Water have problems and Mountain Ash traders and residents have to suffer.

I note you don’t mention in your reply that RCTC should do something positive to help the flow of traffic on the B2475 when the bridge is closed?
RCTC don’t normally think outside the box they just allow motorists to get frustrated and large queue’s of traffic to build up, The lack of the two new bridges being built at Mountain Ash shows there is no forward thinking with Labour this council.
Its Labour and RCTC chosen saying we have no money except for well paid directors top managers and councillors salaries and expenses.

Keep voting Labour you know it makes sense for cuts in services and an out dated highways system through the valley.

Labour in charge at the Assembly and Rhondda Cynon Taf we are in a no win situation.

Far from "The roads through Mountain Ash Town and surrounding streets will look like a patchwork quilt and edges will breakup during bad weather another bill for the ratepayer.No one cares what happens in the valleys of South Wales" as stated by Lewis. It's in this weeks Leader that Welsh Water agreed to fund a £30,000 request by RCT council towards resurfacing the town after the water pipes are renewed. It's in black and white that this was agreed before works commenced

Seeing the as the Water Board did the original job on the cheap in the first place they should compensate traders in Mountain Ash for further inconvenience.

£30,000 is penny’s to them and it looks like we the tax payer are being charged for resurfacing the highway “£30,000 request by RCT council towards resurfacing the town”

As I said Labour in control of valleys joke.

Below taken from Welsh Water

We are renewing the two Kilometers of mains on our water distribution network in the Commercial Street, Chancery Lane, Oxford Street areas of Mountain Ash area. This work is being carried out to ensure we maintain the highest standard of water quality.

In order for us to complete the work. Part of this work involves replacing the water main on the junction of Mountain Ash Town Bridge and in order for us to carry out this work safely and quickly, it will be necessary for us to close this bridge for six days from 4am on Saturday 12th April to 6am on Friday 18th April. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

We have delivered warning cards to all properties affected by this work, giving advanced notice that water supplies will be interrupted.