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Labour cruises to victory in the next elections in RCT

A prediction next general election Ann Clwyd will be reinstated as a labour MP for Cynon Valley.

She has done nothing for her constituency in Cynon Valley has not spoken out against the cuts imposed by RCTC spent the summer working for Cameron on the English NHS well I suppose it’s a change for her from all the time she spent in Baghdad.

The National Assembly for Wales’s election 2016 will return a labour candidate for Cynon Valley

What has Chapman done for Cynon Valley? Again not spoken out against cut by RCTC.

I expect Labour will be the ruling party in RCT when the next local elections come around.

I don’t get the local paper anymore its just a jumble and little news so I don’t know if Plaid Cymru are inquiring about the ethics of some of the cuts and finding an alternative way of making savings they post little on the Internet.

They say you get the Government/Council you deserve so it remains to be seen whether or not the people want more of the same.

The valleys as I see them from afar and from what I hear on the grapevine are stagnating and there seems to be less there now than back in the 1950s/60s.

At least we had the cinemas going which were then quite well patronised.

The councils back then did'nt seem hell bent on cutting everything back while at the same time paying themselves ever increasing salaries and perks.

Most councillors were voluntary and had the community interests at heart.

What went wrong I wonder?