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The RCTC Cabinet meet tomorrow to decide on cutting public services.

Apparently there is a jobs for the boys department at RCTC its called The strategy and publicity department in RCT, run by the son of a Cabinet Member who is a former Labour candidate, they say it costs over £1 million in staff alone.

I don’t know how many it employs and I don’t know if the ex Cynon Valley Leaders editor is employed in that department if he is he deserves his place at Labour controlled RCTC the paper was called the Cynon Valley Labour at the time by a few people.
Well they say it costs £1million to run this department and they putout the much resounding labour propaganda sheet called Outlook I expect they do other things as well press releases and they do like Twitter, I suppose it nice to get paid for Twittering.

Well with all this money flouting around this department you would think if you wanted to look at a back issue of Outlook to look something up, it would be there, but it seems only certain publications are left on the internet.

Perhaps a million pound budget is not enough or perhaps it like the old web links that are constantly removed not for you to lookup information from the past it called an open government I don’t think.

No doubt all will be revelled in the fullness of time

Yep, RCT is awash with money, and you can guess from the outset who is not going to be making any cuts to their allowances. We're all in it together, eh?

But as certain factions will tell you, everybody else is doing it, in every council up and down the country, so that makes it all OK for our local gang of specimens to jump on the gravy train with snouts stuck firmly in the trough.

Good to see them sharing the pain with us all though don't you think? What fine examples of selfless devotion we've got here in RCT.