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Parts taken from RCTC document please don’t giggle

Taken from RCTC document please don’t giggle

“The floodplain is an important asset for recreation, health and quality of life. It is a green open space on the doorstep for many local people and part of the view for many more.”

Thats why you allow a natural floodplain to be raised by over 2meters and the construction of hundreds of new houses and retail outlets

“The flood plain provides a natural space for the River Cynon to move across the valley floor and to flood after periods of heavy rain”

“The Cynon Valley has a distinctive floodplain. This is a natural feature, created by the River Cynon over the 10,000 years since the last ice age.”

“The Cynon floodplain seems to be getting wetter. It is not clear why this is happening.”

“Climate change is likely to lead to more rainfall, especially in winter, and to more severe storms and probably more flooding.”

“Assembly policy is discouraging new built development on floodplains where there is a risk of flooding or where it may cause flooding elsewhere (Planning Policy Wales, TAN 15 and the EAW ‘Policy and practice for the protection of floodplains’).”

There's an enlightening piece of information.

I wonder if it's because it's raining more and more these days is the cause of this floodplain getting "Wetter"

They will probably work that out some day.

Sums it all up really of the kind of specimens we've got running the show here in RCT. It doesn't need many more comments other than to say...God help us all, you've got what you voted for.