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Do you want another opencast mining project for the Cynon Valley at Llwydcoed

38% (9 votes)
54% (13 votes)
Don’t know
8% (2 votes)
Don’t care
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 24


It will Bring many new jobs to the area, in the same way the new Tower Opencast has. Its good for the economi and will bring much needed money to the area. Lets not kid our slefs, the UK has almost no industry what so ever, we need it, its the only way to bring much needed money into our dwindling economy. I must add, when the opencast is exhausted it is landscaped and is returned to its natural beauty.

I do not want an opencast mine here. Jobs should not take priority over peoples health. This open cast mine will not make a minute difference to the economy but the NHS costs will rise. House prices will be pushed to rock bottom. I for one spent all my Army pension on purchasing a house here and I for one would wish to move should this take place. Are Celtic Energy going to compensate me for the reduction in market value. I dont think so. There is no way having served in the british army that i would have chosen llwyd coed had I known about it. I have read the reports and the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. This must not go ahead.

Aberpergwm mine, Glynneath: Shutdown causes 290 job losses

American firm Walter Energy announced in October it was consulting on a shutdown process, blaming poor economic conditions and a fall in demand.

If there's a fall in demand for coal at this time do we need another opencast mine at Llwydcoed?

The Jobs are needed People

We need jobs, absoultely agree with that, BUT not mining jobs! For god sake move with the times! Mining is a thing of the past. We need more prosperous jobs in the valleys, ones that provide better careers for youngsters on a more permanent basis, rather than temporary dirty stinking jobs that WILL devalue property and muck up the area! Remember the phurnacite??? Yes, it provided clean coal for everyone else, while us valley folk had to breath in the stinking dusty air. We in the valleys are worth more than that, but only if you move with the times.

Fossil fuels should be and are going to be eventually a thing of the past, so why bother! I agree that the implications far outweigh the prospects and to use Wales (or the traditional working class, however you like to butter it) for the dirty work of others is both demeaning and demoralising. Why does my child have to die of varying illnesses for the quick easy business deal of the forever struggling economy? Surely we don't deserve to be subjected to the torment and suffering along the way; to feel the pang of the whip at every turn? Why is it that Wales ( or the traditional working class and lower) always pulls the short straw?

Applications Registered between 29/04/2013 and 03/05/2013

Application Ref: 13/0421/10

Application Type: Full planning permission

[DB] Date Registered: 29/04/2013

Development of Bryn Defaid Surface Mine for the extraction of coal and associated ancillary activities including restoration and subsequent aftercare of the full development site.

GRID REFERENCE 301000, 206000).

Grid Refs:
e: 300899
n: 206087

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Celtic Energy Limited
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