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RCT Homes

I have had about enough of RCT Homes.

Since the stock transfer of the council homes to this new organisation my Estate has started going to hell in a hand-cart. Not only has waste management all but ground to a halt but the administration system is becoming a joke.

Firstly we had tenancy agreement documents sent out to us without the return envelopes and today my new Rent Card arrived via a local tenant. The letter wasn't put through his door by mistake but rather my card and attached documentation (inc personal details) was included in his own documentation. (i.e. he received his own card and mine!!!) I await with horror their next cock-up.

Hi Dave you can always contact Andrew Lycett, Chief Executive of RCT Homes it would seem he has a few million pound to spend perhaps he can purchase enough envelops and postage or was the post office closed down by this Labour government.

Below a few bits from reports etc most of it bullshit I expect as you know action speaks louder than words.

We are seeking individuals who will share this vision, helping us to deliver, as a team, the highest quality services and homes possible.

Spending £170 million over the next 5 years to achieve the WHQS, we aim to maximise community benefit and will seek to invest in the wider environment in a sustainable manner through community involvement. We want the experience of our investment to be a good one too, and will seek to involve tenants in all aspects of our service development and delivery.

A vision for RCT Homes by Andrew Lycett, Chief Executive

“We are not a traditional social housing organisation,” said Andrew Lycett, Chief Executive of RCT Homes. “Tenants will have more control and a greater say in how we are managed because we are a Community Mutual Trust.”

LMAO. Yep what a load of cr*p. Maybe he would like to live in my place for a week or so and see what he thinks of the 'improvements'

Here is a photograph clearly highlighting some of the improvements

The transfer of the housing stock of RCT County Borough Council to RCT Homes Limited.