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Should the rowing boats return to Aberdare Park Lake

95% (58 votes)
5% (3 votes)
Total votes: 61


It would be good to see the boats on the lake and rowing is an excellent exercise, It would add a pleasant view and atmosphere to the area.

Having said that, I hope the boats would'nt be a target for stupid vandals. Anyone caught damaging any public or private property should be made to pay for the repair or clean up of that property. That would soon become a deterrent for such anti social behaviour.

Magistrates are far too lenient on offenders, that's partly the cause of so much recidivism these days.

I vote yes ................but dread to think what health and safety hurdles would have to be overcome. There again, the monitoring and maintenance might be a good way of providing the recidivists with community service.

I also think they should have rowing / pedal boats on the lake during the summer months..

It would be an added attraction to our park.. and the lake would probably have better cleaning maintenance..

The water that USED to run into the lake should be re-directed back in.. hence cleaner water..

Unfortunately, due to yobs.. the shop building is in dire need of a facelift, too..

We've got a beautiful park.. used all year round.

Some security cameras wouldn't go amiss either..

Some TLC by RCT is much needed..

Money.. money.. money..

lol I am one of the few who actually think Aberdare Park is quite well maintained! The problem with the lake is frankly those disgusting feral birds polluting everything with guano.

I also think the park is well maintained.. the flowers are beautiful in the summer.. the litter is picked up every morning.. I've also seen all the fallen leaves cleaned up..
The gardeners and park-keepers do an excellent job.

It's the yobs that gather in the park after the park has closed.. they throw bottles and alcohol cans in the lake.. smash bottles on the paths, burn the life saving rings around the lake, smash the shop windows, write graffitti over the shop, and whatever else they get up to..

For the same reasons as we need the splash Pad asap.   Not everyone has cars, not everyone can afford holidays.   Aberdare Park is a lovely recreation place for family picnics and days out., how much better with the boats?     The attendents position should be covered by the cost of the Boat Hire.    If we concentrate on vandalism, nothing will ever be accomplished