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flooding in Tirfounder field-Gas Bubbles?

Took a lot of photos this afternoon in and around Tirfounder and the area of the proposed .new hospital. I noticed several areas in the site earmarked for Housing just opposite Asda that had white bubbles fizzing up. Gas? What do you think Lewis.

From the above photograph there is a problem with gas at Tirfounder probably methane, Tirfounder is a marsh and parts of the land as you know was extensively used as a landfill site who knows what was dumped there as there were no restrictions back then. Look at the problems at Brofiscin Quarry another dumping ground in Rhondda Cynon Taf I am not saying Tirfounder is the same but who knows what is in the ground.

The River Cynon was flowing well over Tirfounder Fields yesterday common sense would say don’t build 200 plus dwellings on a floodplain even if you build up the land where will the floodwater go then as it has to go somewhere, probably backup the river and flood Aberdare town centre and the swimming pool etc.

I don’t think planners look at the long-term and the consequences for others when they handout planning approvals to developers. A number of people paid the price for new developments yesterday Aberaman being one of them no major drainage infrastructure being done for new developments, lack of maintenance on watercourses with the authority in the full knowledge of the problems in Gwawr Street and Cardiff Road.

If you have more photographs Valkyrie place them on the photograph section under flooding, let the planning inspector for Tirfounder Fields see the problems if approval is given for development.

Common sense and RCT planning committee, Lewis? The two just do not fit together. Sense amongst our planners, when conflicting with the interests of their developer pals, comes way down the list.

They've just given the green light to a wind farm, not based on environmental needs, but on the interests of a group of venture capitalists who see a nice little earner by hoodwinking the local planners. Not a difficult thing to do when you attend any planning meeting and see for yourself.

Gas or no gas in Tirfounder fields, the local incumbents have already given permission to build on there, and nothing will now reverse that decision. As to new developments; the consequences of those to local residents and potential residents in those developments are of no importance to RCT's planners either.

All that matters is the appeasment of developers and the collection of council taxes from new developments. The misery of flooding or traffic problems has no relevance to those issues. These are the very same people who spout about environmental protection and listening to the people, but in reality have only their own interests and those of developers at heart.

They are singularly oblivious to the threats that are upon us. Of course, those whose interests depend on them closing their eyes to those threats will be blind to all else.

So, as far as RCT planners, and many other authorities and governments across the world are concerned, it's business as usual, and climate change and its consequent misery for untold millions is just a myth cooked up by those with their own agendas.

What we saw in yesterday's rain is but the hors d'oeuvres of what is to come. When Mother Nature serves up the main dish to us, and that's not including the dessert to follow, we will probably be shellshocked by what we're seeing.

Still, RCT's planners will probably be able to congratulate themselves on a job well done. After all, they seem to think that they'll be immune to the consequences, and the same seems to be the opinion of their developer pals as well, who carry on regardless just making money.

Mike Farley Persimmon Homes Group Chief Executive said on 1 March 2007

“We respect the rights of local people when creating new developments and aim to undertake our activities in a manner that is considerate and in keeping with the surrounding community. We will, where practicable, consult with local communities and take into account their opinions and concerns when procuring land, planning and creating new developments.”

So the chief executive will only consult with local communities where practicable

What about cutting down all mature trees Mr Farley before applying for planning consent at Tirfounder?

“Persimmon Homes are currently developing on over 400 sites across the UK.”
Persimmon Homes will purchase land with or without planning permission so they should be at home in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

You should read RCT council's statement on the environment that was brought out about three years ago. The statement was called, "A Better Life", and would make for hilarious reading in the light of what's gone on since its publication, if the situation with regard to our environment and climate change had not deteriorated as it has.

Every statement in that document has been contradicted by RCT council since then: They have not listened to the people; they have not given priority to the environment when making planning decisions; they have not considered the preservation of green areas in communities.

All of which they put in writing in what should have been a new dawn with regard to our environment in RCT. They have in short lied through their teeth, and are obviously unaware of how serious the destruction of our environment is in relation to our very survival as a species. Vested interests have come before any consideration of our environment and well being as communities.

Just like central government's take on the environment it's just hot air and waffle because in order to really take firm action they would have to go against the wishes of their developer pals and big business; something that neither RCT council nor Gordon Brown, or Tony Blair before him, was prepared to do.

It's just like the old tale of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. RCT council and their masters in Westminster are certainly playing a duet together on this issue!

People in power do what people in power want. There is no come back, There are no consequences, Nobody is ever made to answer. Until people vote them out there will be no change. And if the new system doesn't come up with the goods then vote them out again.
I've said it before, Baa Baa

Thanks for your input Lewis. If approval is given I'll get on to the planning inspector. I've put a few photos up.Lots more to share. Are we to believe that no proper surveying was done on Tirfounder with checks for contamination and gases? I'll answer my own question. Yes we can believe it.As the British Isles slowly sinks into the sea, planning is still being given to build on flood plains. Incredible.

Just had a look at your photographs of Tirfounder Fields just imagine the land built up to provide houses where will all that floodwater go, would it backup the river to Aberdare Town Centre? Or move on down to the new hospital site?

Who knows?

Good question. Down into the river I guess. Then onwards to the new hospital site. The way the river was running on Friday with extra floodwater it'll go straight into the basement. Seems that we must forget about this "once in a hundred years" weather event. The only way that RCT can keep out of the news in relation to flooding is not to build on flood plains. Simple.

University of Glamorgan

Science Shops Wales

“Examine and compare the implications and possible impacts for local communities of adopting different proposed approaches to managing and developing the Cynon Valley flood plain."

I wonder if the project is completed if not after Friday they will have their work cutout.