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Back in the 1970s there was a magazine called Rebecca that exposed the corruption and skulduggeries going on under our very noses in the Labour regimes around South Wales. In particular the shopping center in Port Talbot was shown to be constructed under very dubious circumstances, and that of Pontypridd.

However, Labour councils took umbrage at the exposure of their shenanigins and took the magazine to court, where the subsequent court costs forced the magazine to close down. Thus another example of the myth of a free and open society in Britain was exposed.

We are not free and open; in fact Britain as a whole is the most monitored and closed society in the whole of the EU. Our libel laws alone make us a haven for anyone who wants their actions to be concealed. It is thus prohibitve for the ordinary citizen in Britain to expose the actions of their political masters or their bosses, particularly in the public services and councils in general.

Of course, lip service is paid to the protection of whistleblowers or the curtailment of bullying, but the reality is that these people are persecuted and victimised just as much as they ever were. And there's no recourse either, because the upper echelons close ranks and hound the whilstleblower or the victim out of their jobs, or even drive them to extreme measures like suicide.

This is the reality of Britain's so-called free and open society. It's a myth, and it got even worse under the eighteen years of the last Labour regime to afflict us in Britain. What we had was a government of paranoid control freaks, whose sole intention was to regulate every aspect of our lives, and to keep tabs on us in the process.

They brought in more repressive laws than ever Thatcher and her gang would have dared, and we are left with a society more divided than we've been for the past 150 years. Even the Licensing Act that came in under Blair, that gave pubs the right to open 24 hours if they so wished, had an edge to it.

That edge was that live music in pubs became even more controlled, and the costs involved in complying with the act made many pubs cease to put on live music; pubs and clubs that had done so for decades now became silent. The person charged with applying that act was none other than our very own Kim Howells. Now there's something to remember him for that he's not too keen on promoting!

The above may seem to be a trivial matter, but it's just an indicator of how the freedoms that we take for granted have been eroded by successive governments. Note how these days even peacfully demonstrating can result in police thugs being used to clamp down on protestors, even to the point of killing. Ian Tomlinson's family will attest to that fact, and he wasn't even involved with a demonstration. He just happened to fall foul of some yob in uniform deciding to use force against an innocent member of the public. Just goes to show the calibre of copper we have to keep the peace. Some hope,eh?

I just wonder now though how long this present Rebecca will be allowed to continue to expose the class, crime and corruption that our masters thrive under in Britain today. Don't be suprised if that too goes the same way as the other whistleblower magazine that was censored to the point of closure in your free and open Britain.