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Should the taxpayer help fund the Welsh National Opera?

15% (3 votes)
No, it should be self-funded
85% (17 votes)
Total votes: 20


The arts are a wonderful thing if people appreciate them and if they do they will patronise them accordingly. Now the government in the past has brought in legislature to say " The User Pays" is fair, so it should apply accross the board not just when the government says so.

Let's face it how many of you have ever gone to the opera ?

I bet there would'nt be 10% answering "Yes" so why should you pay for something you never use. Fair Or Not?

I myself like quite a bit of certain operas but I never have gone to see it live. but I have quite a range of opera music in my music collection ( 13 Discs in fact ) so what I enjoy of it I have bought myself.

I recently went to see Les Misérables in Cardiff,it was
BRILLIANT!!It was a spectacle, much better seeing the
thing live,with vibrant cast and a colourful array of beautiful chorus singing ,as well as individual performances,and whilst i love the cd,you cannot compare it to the real thing. So given that in a civilised society there must be provision for the arts,after the provision
for the health service,education, unemployed etc; of course
because we providee for the greatest scroungers of all time
the bluddy english "royal" family who some revere and genuflect to even though their behind the scenes activities in the last war would have earned us mere peons a trip to the firing squad. So , i think there is nothing wrong with the arts being , not fully ,but partialy subsidised by the
taxpayers, more coming from those like "coconut" of course, who overpay themselves grossly , whilst making their workers lives a misery , by paying them a mere pittance for their efforts.