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Public money where should it be spent for the best return for the people of Wales?

Having just travelled from North Wales through to south Wales you have to wonder if Morgan and the rest of them in the Assembly know what they are doing.
It would seem he is spending millions of your hard earned cash on paper pushing offices all around Wales.
Where would the money be best spent?
Having just visited Caernarvon in North Wales famed for the Investiture of the Prince of Wales at the grand ceremony in Caernarvon Castle on July 1, 1969, you would think a castle with a history would be a great tourist attraction.
I feel sorry for the residents of Caernarvon what a dump lack of investment the town is one of the dirtiest rundown I have seen, one has to ask just who is in charge of the tourism trade in Wales.
Morgan and the open chequebook for paper-pushing offices seem oblivious to the real needs of Wales and where the money should be spent.
How many more £20 million pound offices is he building Aberystwyth 535 staff, Llandudno Junction another £20 million for 650 staff that is just to build not run day to day?
Lets not forget offices in Merthyr, Carmarthen, Llandridnod Wells and not forgetting the 6 or more large offices in Cardiff.
Well how did you vote for or against the Welsh Assembly it’s got to be the biggest public authority in the country to waste your hard earned cash?