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Local Income Tax V Council Tax calculator.

Here is the link to the "Local Income Tax Calculator" for those who wish to calculate if they were to be better or worse off if the council tax was replaced with local income tax.

Guide :

Fill in the light green cells.

Questions 1 to 3 apply to all.
Questions 4 and 5 are for those in the household between the ages of 65 to 74. Make zero if none.
Questions 14 and 15 are for those in the household 75 years old or over. Make zero if none.
Question 25 and 26 are for those in receipt of married couples allowance. Make zero if none.
Question 34 is for those who are registered blind. Make zero if none.
Question 39 is for those getting a private pension who are less than 65 years old. Make zero if none.

The calculator is produced by Glasgow City Council, and is the local authority in Scotland which is most similar to the housing and spending area of Rhondda Cynon Taff, should Wales which to follow Scotland's lead in replacing council tax with a local income tax. Please post your results.