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Party of Wales MP for the Rhondda is “Necessary” Says Leading Candidate

Plaid Cymru’s Shelley Rees-Owen has spoken of her determination to provide the “positive alternative” to the tired and deflated legacy of Labour in the Rhondda.

The Westminster candidate for next year’s General Election said a Plaid Cymru MP for the Rhondda was not only “possible” but “necessary.”

The married mother-of-one, RCT councillor and former Pobol y Cwm actress made the comments in her first speech to the Plaid Cymru annual conference, taking place in Llangollen this year.

Ms Rees-Owen said: “We now have the highest unemployment rates in Wales and our youth unemployment rate is 40% - a national disgrace.

“It is perhaps no real surprise that we are in this situation. Since the mines closed, there has been no plan, no growth and no ambition for communities like mine.

“This has been the case not just with the despised Tory Governments of the 1980s and 90s, but also with Labour as well.

“The truth is the Conservatives are not interested in areas like the Rhondda – never have been and never will be - because there are no votes in it for them.

“Labour didn’t bother because they took us for granted. The state of the South Wales valleys is a plague on both their houses.”

She added: “It is no wonder that many in the Rhondda, sick to the back teeth of being failed by a Labour party that is full of good words but ultimately lacking in good deeds, are looking for a political alternative.

“Some may even consider supporting the siren voices of those who blame all our ills on Europe.

“ I will not allow them to hoodwink people by pretending to support ordinary people whilst at the same time trying to hide their real agenda of cutting rights of workers, cutting public services and making the rich even richer.

“I will be urging voters to choose the positive alternative to the tired and deflated Labour Party; which is of course, the Party of Wales.

“Since entering politics, I have seen first-hand how we in Plaid Cymru have the drive, the ideas and the ambition to provide the solutions needed for our country’s problems.

“Our policies on public procurement to provide the much-needed tens of thousands of jobs or our bid to recruit 1,000 extra doctors over two terms of a Plaid Cymru government are testament to this ambition and to this drive to make Wales a better place to live and work.

“No other political party is prepared to battle as hard for the people of Wales as we do.”  

Shelley finished her speech by saying: “A Plaid Cymru MP for the Rhondda is not only possible – it is necessary. 

“I will be fighting every step of the way to achieve that……for the sake of my street, my village, my community, my constituency, my Rhondda.”