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Welsh Government’s learning programme lacks details – warns AM

Responding to the new initiative that the Welsh Government has unveiled for pupils, Shadow Minister for Education, Suzy Davies AM, said:“The pandemic is causing havoc in our daily lives and our educational sector is no exception.“Whilst I’m pleased in principle with the Welsh Government’s  Stay Safe. Stay Learning programme, which aims to support learners, leaders, governors, practitioners, parents and carers in dealing with the impact of Coronavirus, I am seriously concerned that it lacks detail on how it plans to achieve its aims.“There are many good statements such as the need to work ‘with the regions, local authorities and schools to support learners who cannot access technology’ – but there’s little detail on how that can be achieved.“I’d like to thank all those teachers who’ve gone the extra mile to lend equipment to pupils and who are contacting those who are not engaging as well as they might. “However, that’s not the same as knowing who can’t Skype teachers or use Hwb, and it’s not the same as finding those resources through government funding as newly announced in England.“With some families still relying on phone data in the absence of WiFi at home, I’m also asking Welsh Government to secure a period of free data for pupils so that those with the least can still make the most of their education.” You may also be interested in   Shadow Health Minister raises serious concerns over dropping testing targetMonday, 20 April, 2020Commenting on the First Minister Mark Drakeford’s announcement that there will be no target set for testing anymore, the Shadow Minister for Health, Angela Burns AM, said: