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Welsh Conservatives respond to map showing large parts of Wales flooded by 2050

A worrying map has been produced to show the effect of climate change on the world of predicted rises in sea levels by 2050 – and it shows many Welsh cities and communities underwater.


Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Janet Finch Saunders MS said: 


“This map reinforces that we cannot sit idly by; we either act now or face horrendous flooding which could affect large swathes of land in Wales.


“Welsh Conservatives have been clear from the outset that we need to invest more money into flood defences to ensure they are fit for purpose, as well as setting up a National Flood Agency to coordinate risk management and respond to flooding events.


“Labour ministers in Cardiff Bay must take decisive action to tackle climate change, or they run the risk of people across the country facing complete ruin in years to come.


“The Welsh Labour Government need to stop pontificating over minor issues which don’t affect the average Welsh person and get on with taking serious action that matches the situation we’re in.”

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