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Welsh Conservative reiterate call for children’s services review after Mwangi case sentencing

Commenting, Welsh Conservative and Shadow Social Services Minister Gareth Davies MS said:

“I was horrified to see the details of the case over the course of the trial and I’m pleased to see justice served against the evilness that snatched a young boy’s life away before it had begun.

“I send my heartfelt condolences to Logan’s dad and the rest of his family and friends, teachers in Tondu Primary School, who have all been affected by this horrific case.

“As I said when Logan’s killers were convicted, I was surprised that the First Minister said he didn’t think an independent review of children’s services was needed in Wales after this tragic case exposed some serious shortcomings.

“This is all the more confusing given the other three UK nations are conducting one right now and Wales has the worst rate for looked-after children.

“These cases should never be allowed to occur and vulnerable children deserve the full protection of the state and I do not understand why Mark Drakeford’s government says no to reviewing children’s services but yes to expanding the Senedd with more politicians in Cardiff Bay.

“I urge the Labour Government to order that independent review without delay.”

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